Concrete Dobie Blocks


Concrete Dobie Blocks, also known as concrete cover blocks, are crucial components in the realm of concrete reinforcement. These simple yet highly practical blocks are designed to elevate rebar or mesh off the ground, ensuring that the reinforcement remains embedded in the concrete once it is poured.

Constructed from high-strength concrete and often equipped with tie-wire holders for easy placement and stability, Dobie Blocks provide the crucial stand-off distance needed to prevent rebar or mesh from touching the formwork. This not only optimizes the reinforcement’s position but also safeguards against corrosion and promotes the concrete’s structural integrity and durability.

Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different concrete depths and reinforcement bar sizes, Dobie Blocks are an integral part of any concrete construction project, whether it’s a large commercial development or a small residential undertaking. Their simple design, durability, and functionality make them an indispensable tool for ensuring concrete structures’ strength and longevity.


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