Expanded Metal Lath


Expanded Metal Lath is a versatile product used in a variety of construction applications, notably in stucco and plaster reinforcement and installation. Made from durable steel that has been slit and expanded into a diamond-shaped mesh pattern, this material provides an excellent structural foundation for plaster or stucco applications.

In concrete work, Expanded Metal Lath is utilized to prevent cracking and to provide a sturdy base for the application of plaster, stucco, or stone veneer. It is also used in ceiling and wall construction for securing insulation or for aesthetic purposes, creating unique textures and finishes.

Notable for its durability, flexibility, and ease of installation, Expanded Metal Lath is a reliable choice for builders who require a stable, supportive base for their projects. With its high tensile strength and uniform diamond pattern, it provides superior adherence for plaster or stucco, contributing to a robust and long-lasting finish.


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