Black Annealed Bundling Wire


Black Annealed Bundling Wire is a versatile and reliable product widely used in construction and other industries. This flexible yet durable wire is ideal for bundling, fastening, and securing materials. Here’s a brief overview of the available gauges:

6ga Black Annealed Bundling Wire: This thick gauge wire is highly durable and provides robust strength for heavy-duty bundling applications.

8ga Black Annealed Bundling Wire: Offering a balance of strength and flexibility, the 8ga wire is suitable for various bundling and fastening tasks.

9ga Black Annealed Bundling Wire: This medium gauge wire is perfect for general-purpose bundling and tying applications. It offers good tensile strength and easy manipulation.

12ga Black Annealed Bundling Wire: The thinnest among the options, the 12ga wire is highly flexible, making it ideal for intricate tying and bundling tasks requiring a delicate touch.

All these options come in black annealed finish, which provides excellent corrosion resistance and enhances the wire’s durability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


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