Rebar Tie Wire


Rebar Tie Wire is an essential component in the construction industry, used for securing rebar and mesh in concrete structures, ensuring they maintain their position during concrete pouring.

  • 15ga Rebar Tie Wire: This is a relatively thick wire, offering great strength and durability. Its thickness provides a firm hold on rebar, making it ideal for heavy-duty projects where substantial reinforcement is needed.
  • 16ga Rebar Tie Wire: A slightly thinner option compared to the 15ga, the 16ga still provides a strong hold on rebar while offering a little more flexibility. It’s ideal for a range of construction projects requiring reliable reinforcement.
  • 16ga PVC Rebar Tie Wire: This 16-gauge wire is coated with PVC for additional protection against corrosion and weathering. Its resistance to harsh conditions makes it an excellent choice for projects exposed to moisture or corrosive materials.
  • 16.5ga Rebar Tie Wire: The thinnest option among these, the 16.5ga wire is highly flexible yet still strong enough for general construction use. Its flexibility makes it easy to handle and tie, which can speed up the tying process.


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